Organizing for access?

The political mobilization of Turks in Amsterdam

This essay addresses the issue of the relationship between political and organizational mobilization of Turkish immigrants in Amsterdam. Data on Turkish councilors in Amsterdam over time and on the boards of local Turkish organizations in Amsterdam between 1970 and 2002 reveals that a majority of the municipal councilors of Turkish origin in Amsterdam have been on the board of a Turkish organization. However, it seems that the political influence of the Turkish organizations is rather limited in the process of recruitment of the local political elite when compared to the role of Dutch political parties. Interviews with Turkish councilors in Amsterdam show that once elected, the councilors seem to develop more nuanced ties with the Turkish community.

Michon, L., & Vermeulen, F. (2009). Organizing for access? The political mobilization of Turks in AmsterdamTurkish Studies10(2), 255-275. 
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