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Challenges & Solutions in the city

How do we keep our feet dry? Get to know programs and initiatives that offer solutions for this issue.

Due to climate change, periods of heavy precipitation or persistent heat are becoming more common. Cities must adapt to this, otherwise major problems will arise due to flooding, subsidence and damage to public spaces. In this collection, get to know a number of programs and initiatives that offer solutions for this issue, and how everyone can participate.

What happens to the raindrops that fall in the city? In the Rainproof collection you will discover the many - small and large - ways to make an environment rainproof. One of the ways to optimize water management in the future is the 'blue-green' roofs of the RESILIO network. In the Master's thesis 'Prevent the Flood', four locations in Amsterdam were analyzed at different scale levels, which provided guidelines for making Amsterdam a 'stormwater-resistant' city.

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