Resilience nEtwork of Smart Innovative cLImate-adapative rOoftops

From 2018-2022, Amsterdam has installed 10,000 m2 of smart blue-green roofs on housing association homes and privately owned homes. Extra water can be stored under the green surface on these roofs, so that the homes and their surroundings are better protected against extreme rainfall or drought and heat.


The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is faced with the major task of making the city more climate-proof. By facilitating an innovative network of blue-green roofs, the aim is to optimize water management in the future and to reduce water and heat nuisance.

Cooperation partners

RESILIO stands for 'Resilience nEtwork of Smart Innovative Climate-adapative Rooftops' and is a collaboration between the Municipality of Amsterdam, Waternet, Polderdak, Rooftop Revolution, HvA, VU, Stadgenoot, De Key and Consolidated. The RESILIO project is funded by the Urban Innovative Actions (UAI) Program of the European Union. The UIA program offers subsidies every year for innovative pilot projects on various themes.


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