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Amsterdam Rainproof (Waternet)

Amsterdam Rainproof, that is you, us and all other Amsterdammers together. We have one goal: to make Amsterdam resistant to the increasingly frequent downpours. In fact, we want to make better use of the free rainwater that is currently being drained. The downpours cause damage, especially as the city is paved with buildings, asphalt and paved gardens - not a drop gets through.

In this collection you will find the Amsterdam Rainproof toolbox with measures, solution, communication tools and manuals.

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Are you a resident, civil servant, knowledge worker or entrepreneur, if you do something, then do it rainproof. Together we can increase the sponge effect and transform Amsterdam into a city that cleverly adjusts downpours to its will. This is how we let the rain fall in our favor. Permeable paving, green roofs and facade gardens. there are many solutions that prevent damage and at the same time make the city more beautiful. So win-win. 

Platform: doing and developing together 

There is a way for everyone to contribute. A rain barrel in the garden may feel like mopping with the tap open, but a rainproof Amsterdam is ultimately the result of all efforts – small and large.

All ideas, initiatives and information come together on this platform. Do you have an idea, a product, story, service or other contribution to make your house, street or neighborhood rainproof: let us know and we will link you to other Rainproof Amsterdammers.

Together we are Amsterdam Rainproof.

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