Schools as Living Labs Methodology

Within the Schools As Living Labs (SALL) project, the consortium, together with schools and other societal actors, is adapting the Living Lab approach for the school context. This methodology, the ‘SALL methodology’, is the result of a co-construction process: At first, it started through the review of documentation and other Living Lab experiences, followed by a workshop in January 2021 with the whole SALL consortium. The original version of the methodology that was built during the workshop was then nourished and amended by the experience and feedback of National Coordinators, teachers and other actors. A series of weekly ‘case clinics’ sessions allowed the National Coordinators to share their experience and provide detailed and continuous feedback. In June 2021, a second workshop allowed to identify missing blocks and guidelines, and to write them in a collaborative manner. For full details on this development process, see deliverable D2.2 ‘Co-creation workshops on applying living lab methodology to open schooling: methodology and results’.

This deliverable will present the final methodology, which is an adaptation of the Living Lab approach to the school context. The aim here is to run Living Lab projects at schools, involving students and other local actors in a user-driven innovation process. This approach has the potential to take open Schooling to a new level by increasing the involvement of local actors and the influence of students on the local environment, in collaborative work on innovative solutions. Last, the thematic focus chosen as the starting point for SALL is rooted in one interdisciplinary theme, the Food System, which has been integrated with the methodology.

Finally, this deliverable will offer all partners more details about the benefits of this methodology. It may thus support them in identifying the knowledge, skills and behaviour that the school students will develop through their Living Lab school projects, and so enrich evaluation in SALL.

Auteur: Claudia Aguirre, Malvina Artheau, Didier Laval & Matteo Merzagora.

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