The Digital Methods Initiative (DMI) (UvA)

One of Europe's leading Internet Studies research groups focuses on research on the 'natively digital'.

New Media researchers of the Digital Methods Initiative design methods and tools for repurposing online devices and platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Google) for research into social and political issues.

Such work practice is integrated in the annual Winter and Summer schools, as well as the academic teaching of ‘digital methods’ within the New Media and Digital Culture Programme. DMI researchers, analysts, programmers and designers work on topics such as visual methodologies, app studies, the deep vernacular web, deplatforming, engines of order, web remembering and forgetting, programmed methods, and more.

DMI research themes include:

  • Links, likes and other natively digital objects
  • Websites as archived objects
  • Engine critique and search as research
  • Cross-spherical analysis as comparative media studies
  • National web studies
  • Wikipedia as cultural reference
  • Social media data, post-demographics and platform studies
  • Digital methods for issue mapping
  • Digital methods theory
  • Visual media analysis
  • Alt-tech network mapping

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