D6.1.3: Governance protocol, location 1, Bijltjespad

The governance of smart blue-green roofs is the central theme within RESILIO WP6.1. Our aim is to develop and test governance protocols for the construction and management of smart blue-green roofs, as well as water and data management. In this deliverable, we will build on the conceptual model of collaborative governance presented in deliverable 6.1.1. First, we will elaborate and contextualise this conceptual model. In doing so we will develop a generic governance protocol for developing smart blue-green roofs. Second, we will use this generic protocol to develop a specific governance protocol for the first RESILIO pilot location: ‘Bijltjespad’. In addition to the generic governance protocol and specific protocol for the first pilot location, we will provide an overview of key governance-related challenges that we identified based on interviews and expert meetings in 2019, which we aim to address specifically in 2020 and 2021 as part of WP6.1.