Chapter 1: Polyphonic Cities

Social and ecological urban developments in Europe are increasingly seen in relation to one another. The mapping of these developments takes place at various levels, from personal lives to international politics.

The city is an environment where personal life and the political system primarily meet. It is therefore a challenge to shape values in visions of the future in such a way that people identify with them and cooperation between different authorities is promoted. This chapter opens with a short sketch by Dagmar Keim of the joint shaping of social and ecological urban policy in recent European history. Next, Dirk van den Heuvel illustrates a number of ways in which urban nature has developed in the Netherlands in recent decades. Annelys van der Vet shares subjective atlases that illustrate how personal perspectives shape values for survival on a daily basis. Farid Tabarki talks to civil servants from six Dutch cities about creating their value-driven environmental visions. Klaas Kuitenbrouwer closes with a discussion on how to handle the tensions that arise in urban development.

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