RE-FRAME-Tracing Re-Use of Audiovisual Data in Journalism

Analysis of context and framing in online journalism. In RE-FRAME we investigate the reuse of resources and the role they play in the construction of audio-visual journalistic storytelling through content analysis and (action-based) production analysis. We investigate how new technologies, such as Automatic Speech Recognition and Computer Vision, contained in the CLARIAH Media Suite, can play a role in finding and interpreting content and in journalistic practice.

This PhD-project focuses on the practices of re-use and framing of audiovisual data within journalism, by exploring how digital tools and AI techniques like Automatic Speech Recognition (A.S.R.) and Computer Vision (C.V.) play a role in the retrieval, selection, interpretation and storytelling processes. Through content analysis, interviews and action-based production analysis with journalists, I will explore the modalities of A.I. driven re-use and develop digital methods based on tool- and data criticism that can be employed in journalistic practice and training.

Source: Cultural AI - RE-FRAME

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