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Young in Amsterdam

How do we ensure that young people in Amsterdam have equal opportunities and grow up in a safe and healthy living environment?

How do we (municipality, teachers, youth workers, parents) ensure equal opportunities? How are Amsterdam youngsters prepared for their future? How do they stay healthy? And how do we ensure that every child can grow up in a safe environment? In this collection you will find various studies looking for answers to these questions. Click on 'more information' for an explanation of the different parts in this collection.

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  • High Dosage Tutoring (HDT)
    HDT is an intensive educational intervention to increase the social-emotional well-being and the math level of children with a large learning delay. In this collection you will find various articles about this specific educational intervention and how it is currently applied in Amsterdam schools.

  • Amsterdam Approach to Healthy Weight
    In Amsterdam, 1 in 5 children and young people are overweight or obese. This has serious consequences for their health in the short and long term. That is why the municipality is investing heavily in preventing and reducing obesity in children, with a clear horizon: all Amsterdam children at a healthy weight by 2033. In this collection you will find various studies that took place in the context of the AAHW.

  • Inclusief onderwijs
    How do you ensure that all children and young people in the city can develop equally within the Amsterdam education system? In this collection you will find information about the state of play with young people in education, what effect the corona crisis has on education and you will find guides and examples of methods for professionals to deal with diversity among young people and combat inequality.

  • Art (education) & Sports for young people
    Here you will find two collections:

    Youth & Art consists of various articles that show how art (education) can be important for the development of young people. Here you will also find information about what is currently happening in Amsterdam in the field of art and youth.

    In Youth & Sport you can read about why sports and exercise are important for young people, you will find information about the state of play in the field of exercise and young people and about how the municipality wants to promote exercise among young people.

  • Safe Living
    Children have the right to safety. This means that every child must be able to grow up in a safe environment. A life with love and attention - without violence - is important for a child to develop (text: In this collection you will find information in the various six-monthly reports of Veilig Thuis Amsterdam-Amstelland about the state of the safety of children in their living environment, you will find articles about the effect of the corona measures on the safety of children and other studies into child abuse and / or protection.

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