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Chapter 19: Scripts of the Lagoon

Can the lagoon have voice to protect itself? Is it possible to imagine a script of the lagoon? Two marine scientists have identified the particular sounds of over 100 types of fish. With the sound of the fish the composer makes a composition. The composition generates a virtual underwater world. The sounds and movements can be the basis for a new imaginary script. A very powerful emotional stimulation arises from a dimension of lagoon life that is otherwise unknown.

In this collection you can find:
1. Chapter 19 in the publication: 'Values for Survival, the Venice Exploratorium'
2. The final Video Presentation of Scripts of the Lagoon
3. The audio work of Scripts of the Lagoon

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This Cahier is created in collaboration with We are here Venice.

Commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut.

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Header image: Scripts of the Lagoon

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