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Cahier 2: Values for Survival - the Venice Exploratorium

Here you can find all chapters within Values for Survival, the Venice Exploratorium: Cahier 2. Cahier 2 offers insight in a series of experiments that aimed to affect the physical reality in cities while the experiments were highly dependent on online communication in the first place. Next to experiments in Lisbon, Amsterdam and in a European network for research in cities , the City Science Initiative, the main focus of the experiments was on Venice. Here we worked together with We are here Venice, an NGO for evidence-based policymaking for the living city of Venice.

We orchestrated collaboration between ten small teams in which diverse disciplines worked together on challenges that Amsterdam and Venice share: climate, water, tourism, social and ecological justice in and around the city. Aiming to give voice to the people present in Venice and to other and more-than-human beings that reside in Venice as well, artistic and scientific research experiments were conducted. As result specific areas in the Venice lagoon were highlighted, methodologies were developed and new concepts were introduced. The rhythm in the reciprocity of creative exchanges in those teams, made trust flourish and inspired rigorous work. Every team created its own designed pages which together make Cahier 2, a publication that is colourful and wild in ideas.

This collection consists of:
1. The Venice Exploratorium Map
2. We are here Venice - This organization was part of the curatorial team of the Venice Exploratorium
3. International Online Exploratorium - Different research groups worked together online. The results of their work can be seen in Cahier 2
4. Complete version of Cahier 2, to read and/or download.
5. Separate chapters 6-20, together with additional work and information per research track.

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(In Values for Survival - Cahier 1, also published on, you can find the chapters 0-5.)

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This cahier was made in collaboration with We are here Venice. 

Commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut.

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