When ‘doing ethics’ meets public procurement of smart city technology

Amsterdam case study

City governments are increasingly involving citizens in the acquisition of smart city tech to uphold human values. A recent case study in Amsterdam sheds light on a unique approach to procuring a privacy-friendly camera car service is unfolding in this city.

The published paper, featuring one of Responsible Sensing Lab's affiliated researchers Mike de Kreek, among others outlines a model that assesses the complexity of city experiments based on factors such as participation, continuity, and institutional integration. Also, a team of design experts collaborated to identify tender-relevant requirements. The researchers find that Amsterdam paves the way in responsible smart city technology procurement. 

Curious how Amsterdam successfully blends ‘doing ethics’ with procurement, providing valuable insights for similar initiatives and future research?

Source: When 'doing ethics' meets public procurement of smart
city technology – an Amsterdam case study

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Icon image: Ferdinand Bolstraat na herprofilering. Scanauto van de parkeerhandhavers Fotograaf Edwin van Eis, Beeldbank Amsterdam