What is the Green Hub?

The Green Hub is a Living Lab in which we are organised as a cooperative with people who want to learn and do. We are an area cooperative that allows local initiatives to flourish by working and learning together with residents, local entrepreneurs and partner organisations. We start with residents and what lives in the neighbourhood. Our starting point is connecting social and environmental challenges through Donut Deals. We believe that the key to a just and inclusive energy transition starts with the social aspects. This results in multiple value creation in a new economy that is in balance with people and earth.

Video by the Young Reporters

A video by the Young Reporters presenting the Green Hub using their questions and interests. Young Reporters Ixchel and Thianey, Mubarak Nombre & Noa Benfield speak to:

  • Johnson Adesida (Men's Club),
  • Astrid Gilds (Sewing workshop/DIY workshops, Community),
  • Brian Juan Pedro (Bike Kitchen),
  • Nathalie Guicherit (Gardens of Brasa, Bike Kitchen),
  • Joseph Ogbonna (Quick Fix Brigade)
  • and Peter van Hoogendijk (GFE/ Bio-digester)

Watch this video externally on: YouTube

Source: The Green Hub

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