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Cooperation the Green Hub is a doing and learning community for social and sustainable initiatives in Amsterdam Southeast. The cooperative connects residents' initiatives with partners (governments, companies and non-profit organisations) so that sustainable business and development prospects are created for an increasing number of residents in Southeast. Kate Raworth's concept of the Donut economy is a source of inspiration that has already led to various Donut Deals in the area itself. These are agreements made by at least 2 partners to realize both social impact on 3 subjects and positive ecological impact on at least 1 subject.

The lessons learned in a Donut Deal expertise center will also inspire other initiatives and partners to create a positive spiral in which great initiatives that are really valuable for people and the environment can continue to grow. The Green Hub itself has several partners around it to further shape the Donut economy through the Area-oriented SLIM project, which is financially supported by Kansen voor West with European Union resources from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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