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Students & Research in the city

Engaging students in reserach in the city of Amsterdam is beneficial both for the city as the students themselves.

The new academic year will started on September 5, 2022. Students from all over the country, and internationally, come to study in Amsterdam. The city has good examples where students are involved in solving urban challenges through education and research. In this collection you can read more about the rich learning environment that Amsterdam is, and how the knowledge and talent of the student is used.

In the collection 'Knowledge lies on the street!' you will discover the many inspiring labs in which the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is involved. Here you can read more about Neighborhood Campuses (Buurtcampus), the dynamic places where students, together with residents, professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers and researchers, look for solutions to challenges in the relevant neighbourhood. At Community Service Learning (CSL) at the VU, students work together with fellow students and social partners on current questions from society.

In addition to these fine examples of student involvement in Amsterdam in society, this collection contains a large collection of theses by Amsterdam students and, finally, an overview of research on the theme of student housing.

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