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Research in the city

The city as a complex system necessitates more research and connecting the different forms of knowledge.

In this collection you will find 'urban regional research ecology: On the local interaction between science and government, research and execution, theory and practice in times of accelerating and accumulating global crises.' The publication is available in both Dutch and English. Under 'Knowledge Sharing and Cooperation' (Dutch only) you will get an idea of the local ecology in the municipality of Amsterdam. The Chief Science Officer, Caroline Nevejan, is the central point of contact for the municipality and the knowledge institutions for knowledge and research. Research, Information and Statistics (OIS) of the Municipality of Amsterdam helps to better understand and further develop the city, for example by collecting and publishing statistical information about Amsterdam and conducting policy research. In addition, OIS plays an important role in the better and smarter use of data from and about the city.

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