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An evening on Research in the city

Final piece of the start-up program for (new) municipal councilors

On Tuesday 24 May 2022, the 'Research in the City & Food for Thought' program took place in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. This evening was part of the start-up program for (new) municipal councilors and was organized by the Chief Science Office in collaboration with the academic workplaces of Amsterdam.

The program was twofold. In the first part, the carousel 'Research in the City', no fewer than 27 researchers from various knowledge and government institutions presented their research and its importance for the city. In the second part, documentary photographer Kadir van Lohuizen presented his visual research 'Food for Thought'. On the basis of this research, the theme of 'food' was discussed in all its interdisciplinarity, followed by a panel discussion with several municipal councilors.

You can watch the entire program in this collection. Elisabeth IJmker (GroenLinks councilor) kicked off the evening. Followed by Caroline Nevejan (Chief Science Officer) on the research landscape of the city. This was followed by the carousel, the presentation of the visual research and the panel discussion with municipal councilors.

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In our complex society, diversity in knowledge and expertise is needed to solve metropolitan issues. Many different experts have to work together to explore what the city needs, what can be done and how it should be done. In short, if we want to have an impact on the city and develop evidence-based policy, then research is indispensable. This interaction and collaboration between practice and theory, between policy and implementation, is of great importance for the future of the city.

In Amsterdam and the region there are now more than 25 structural partnerships between various knowledge institutions, government organisations, companies and citizens. In 18 academic workplaces in the social, physical and digital domain, universities and colleges, the municipality and the city collaborate intensively on the major challenges of the city. This is done from different disciplines and using different types of knowledge, from traditional to fundamental theoretical. Sharing knowledge, facilitating that people working on the same subject can find each other in time and building bridges to politics and policy are necessary conditions for this.

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