Panel discussion

Panel discussion with Sasha Stolp, Sanda Lenzholzer, Pablo van der Lugt and Albert Jan Kruiter

Should we need to take an integral approach in order to Reinvent the City, or not? What will an integral approach exactly solve? Will it not create new silo's? If we take a challenge oriented approach, what would be those challenges? A carbon-neutral city, an inclusive city, a safe city or a circular city? Should we for example decide on a hierarchy of challenges or ambitions and start working on them, or are they all equally important? What does this mean at the city level and what at the project level, and who decides on this? In this panel, Albert Jan Kruiter (Instituut voor Publieke Waarden), Sasha Stolp (City of Amsterdam), Sanda Lenzholzer (WUR) and Pablo van der Lugt (AMS Institute) exchange their insights with us.

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