2021 - Update search operation de Leusden

According to schedule, a three-week search operation for the slave ship Leusden in the mouth of the Marowijne Rivier was carried out in November 2021. Part of the search area was investigated with a drone, an acoustic camera was used to search for ship remains on the seabed and divers also carried out inspections in a few places. The search was made more difficult because the water in the river mouth was very muddy and there was no visibility at alle underwater. Working days were also lost due to bad weather conditions at sea. Due to a lack of time, the maritime archaeological expedition came to end without locating the remains of the wreck of the Leusden. Nevertheless, the on-site investigation has resulted in new information about the condition of the seabed and the historical situation that allows an even more accurate map of the shipwreck area. Maritime archaeologists Jerzy Gawronski and Michel L'Hour will report on their expedition and around the end of January the AT5 documentary will be shown about Leo Balai's research and the search for the slave ship the Leusden.

Below you fill find pictures of the search operation at sea for the slave ship Leusden.

Daily departure with the workboat from St.Laurent de Maroni, with equipment on the quay

1 werkboot en uitrusting Sanguinaire-C-2021--1778.jpg

The search area 5 km from the coast at the mouth of the Marowijne river

2 zoekgebied met ponton 20211105_091657.jpg

A magnetometer exploration was carried out from the ship with a drone to detect iron residues on the seabed

3 drone _DSC1635.jpg

4 drone _DSC1618.jpg

Images with the acoustic camera (echo images) of the seabed, on which different channels (stripes) can be seen

5 akoestische camara Sanguinaire-C-2021--1898.jpg

Magnetometer exploration by boat

6 boot magnetom_DSC2127.jpg

7 boot magnetom _DSC2467.jpg

Onboard diving equipment and divers inspecting the seabed

8 duiken _DSC2292.jpg

9 duiken Sanguinaire-C-2021--1933.jpg

10 duiken _DSC2430.jpg

11 duiken _DSC2354.jpg

Rain storm approaching at sea in the mouth of the Marowijne river

12 storm op komst_DSC2523.jpg