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Archaeological expedition 2021: Where is the Leusden?

Maritime archaeologists Jerzy Gawronski (CTO Amsterdam) and Michel L'Hours (French archaeological service DRASSM) are on an expedition to find the slave ship Leusden. Previous expeditions via Suriname and French Guiana have shown that the ship has probably stranded near the mouth of the Marowijne river off the coast of the current village Awala-Yalimapo in French Guiana. The drama of the Leusden radically sketches the violent context in which the slave trade took place.

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For more information on the French DRASSM (Département des Recherches Archéologiques Subaquatiques et Sous- Marines), researchdepartement for underwater archeology, you can go to their Twitter or Facebook account. 

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Header image: Location Leusden

Icon image: Location Leusden

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