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8. Circular demolition

In the current 'linear' construction chain, raw materials are extracted, transformed into building materials and products, used and demolished at the end of their life cycle and regarded as waste. A model of take-make-waste. In this model, the demolition of buildings at the end of the chain mainly means a loss of raw materials. At best a low-grade form of recycling for materials and a loss of value. Circular demolition differs from traditional demolition in that it focuses on harvesting materials (and thus preserving value), instead of removing a structure at the lowest possible cost within a tight schedule. By taking the time and space to dismantle buildings and separate and dispose of flows, circular demolition and high-quality reuse can make a positive contribution to a circular construction economy.

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  1. A summary on circular demolition (2021)
  2. Good examples from the municipality and other parties
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