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Chapter 7: Arsenals of Globalization

Tools, still in use in Venice and found in archaeological excavations in Amsterdam, are presented as a catalogue in which the visual technical Venetian expertise is juxtaposed by the Dutch scientific presentation of the same tools of 300 years ago. Discovering the convergence in maritime tools at such a basic level of detail exposes previously unrecognisable areas of common ground in these two European deltas and unveils the significance of craft for understanding history.

In this collection you can find:
1. Chapter 7 in the publication 'Values for Survival, the Venice Exploratorium'
2. The Interview by Caroline Nevejan and Jane da Mosto with the participants of the Arsenals of Globalization project group.

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This Cahier is created in collaboration with We are here Venice.

Commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut.

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Header image: Arsenals of Globalization

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