Desining a sustainable knowledge infrastructure between city and university

Local governments and universities have specific administrative cultures, and it is a complex task to introduce a new way of structurally sharing knowledge between them. Is it possible to design a structure of governance
for a platform where content is added by editors from all kinds of different organisations, each with their own culture and hierarchy? Even if participating parties are public organisations, sharing knowledge and making
information public is not a given. This has to do with the fear of risks –of disclosing potentially confidential or otherwise sensitive information. In the academic world, the power of publishers, through their management of intellectual property rights, is considerable to this day, and this regularly complicates knowledge sharing for academics. That is why a major movement has been set in motion that propagates and facilitates ‘open access’. Several cities, such as Amsterdam and Barcelona, propagate a policy in which data and information are open unless there are good reasons for them not to be, though even here, the reality is often different from practice.

Authors: Elisabeth IJmker en Ida de Freitas

All rights reserved

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