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What Design Can Do (WDCD) gelooft in een sociale en duurzame wereld met de inzet van de innovatieve kracht van ontwerp. Het programma voor 2018 agendeert twee thema's uit de VN Sustainable Development Goals. Ten eerste het activiteitenprogramma rondom 'Climate Action' en ten tweede een research programma rondom 'Gender Based Violence'. Het activiteitenprogramma bestaat onder meer uit een internationale challenge en de WDCD conferentie in Amsterdam met een internationaal sprekers- en workshopprogramma.


At What Design Can Do we believe in the power of design and creativity to transform society. Money, governments or science can’t solve complex global issues on their own. We need fresh ideas, alternative strategies and provocative thoughts.

At our annual conferences in Amsterdam, Mexico City and São Paulo we invite speakers from all over the world, like Dutch product designer Bas van Abel, Senegalese fashion designer Selly Raby Kane, MoMA curator Paola Antonelli and Google Lab’s creative director Robert Wong, to share their vision. One of the main attractions though is the crowd itself. What Design Can Do is the perfect place for designers and creatives to meet businesses, industries, NGO’s and governments who aim to start using design innovation. In workshops, speed dates, design jams and masterclasses attendees are challenged to actively participate.


Take part in our international online design challenges where winning ideas are accelerated into viable products.


Attend conferences to get involved and gain in-depth knowledge from a multi-disciplinary community.


Read our articles to learn the latest news and trends in design innovation for a better world.


Hear from leading experts who talk about the hot topics revolving around design as a solution.


Browse through our books to discover the most inspiring best practises of our time.

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