Chapter 5: Conclusion - Between Urban Regions

Urban Regional Research Ecology

Cities share the sea, rivers, mountains and woods. Just as a local biological ecology is influenced by the global climate, a local research ecology is also in contact with others. And we, as humanity on the planet, develop thinking and technology that profoundly influence our way of living together locally. It is of great importance that cities also contribute more to these developments, and thereby discover how we can better live together in this new age of great global change.

Amsterdam, May 2022
Editing & Translation: Paul Evans
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Citation: Nevejan C., Iaione C.F., Bamidis P., Jacob T., Hollstein A., Lardic J., 2022.
Urban Regional Research Ecology: on the local interaction between science and government, research and execution, theory and practice in times of accelerating and accumulating global crises. Report by the City Science Initiative, City of Amsterdam

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