Beschermende Factoren tegen Extremisme (RAN paper)

Protective and promotive factors building resilience against violent radicalisation

This paper is intended for decision makers in the fields of (social) policy and practice. It provides a solid basis for those charged with tackling the risk factors that can create a breeding ground for radicalisation. There is an extensive body of literature on both risk and protective factors of generic violence in adolescence (which is often described as 'anti-social problem behaviour'), but most theoretical and empirical studies on the specific problem of radicalisation and violent extremism tend to focus solely on the risk factors. This paper identifies and explores how an understanding of protective factors can be of use when addressing risk, and can thereby contribute to the development of individual and societal resilience against extremism.
To this end, the paper:
(1) specifies which risk factors can be mitigated by which protective factors
(2) explains the importance of promotive factors in mitigating risk
(3) explains the importance of promotive factors in enhancing well-being and strengthening individual and societal resilience
(4) presents a kaleidoscopic overview, including implications for policies and practices.

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