Re-rooting the Dutch food system: from more to better

Our inclusive food vision is based on healthy agroecosystems and the resources they provide, and is rooted in local socio-economic conditions’, says Professor Livestock & Sustainable Food Systems Imke de Boer.

It comprises a journey through six unique regions in the Netherlands, which differ widely in agroecological and socioeconomic conditions, and describes how our ideal food system will look by 2050 in each region of the country.
This article forms the backbone of the Food Strategy of the City of Amsterdam.

Source:  Wageningen University & Research

Authors: Imke de Boer (WUR), Evelien de Olde (WUR), Ruud Zanders (Kipster), Annechien ten Have-Mellema (Hamletz), Jeroen Candel (WUR), Boy Griffioen (De Groene Griffioen), Kawire Gosselink (WUR), Annette Harberink (Keizersrande), Klarien Klingen (de Wilde Peen), Joris Lohman (Food Hub), Katrien Termeer (WUR), Frits van der Schans (CLM), Geert van der Veer (Herenboeren), Piet van IJzendoorn (Zonnehoeve).