The Knowledge Hub- UvA Green Office

The Knowledge Hub is an interactive online platform centred around two key pillars; sustainability and the University of Amsterdam. It is a place where anyone can share ideas and collaborate with people working in different academic disciplines or professions. We are continuously spreading awareness of the platform and improving on its original design.

The Knowledge Hub is created because sustainability is a huge and complex challenge, and requires people with different knowledge, expertise and life experience to work collaboratively in order to try and address the challenges we face. The Knowledge Hub is a tool to help do that.

The Research & Education holds three main responsibilities: 

  • Building, and sustaining, an active sustainability research community through fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and promoting any events and developments related to sustainability at the University of Amsterdam
  • Actively participating in encouraging the integration of sustainability into new programmes as well as reviewing and promoting existing sustainability-related curriculum at the University of Amsterdam
  • ​Fostering a culture of research and theory-based approaches to sustainability within the UvA Green Office

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