Walking narratives: Perceptions of safety for women in Mumbai

Paper presentatie by researcher: Shruti Maliwar

In most Indian cities, walking is an activity performed with caution, especially for women. However, the promenades along the waterfronts of Mumbai are an exception. They are recognized as one of the few places with a pleasant walking environment for women.

These boardwalks provide the opportunity for various activities and ways to engage with the environment. Like connecting with nature, interacting with fellow pedestrians or just hanging out and immersing yourself in the rhythm of the city. This engagement becomes possible only when there is a feeling of safety.

In this paper presentation the relationship between environmental characteristics, physical and social, and the dynamics of safety is explored. This is done by means of observations along the waterfronts and an analysis of the interviews conducted with 25 women. The identification of the urban forms and atmospheres along the waterfront promenades play a key role in the vision and creation of places for women.

A Q&A follows after the presentation (beginning at 23:00).

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