MSc Thesis AMS Institute - Enhancing Social Feasibility of the Implementation of Measures Inducing Reduced Demand in Car Mobility

MADE Student Project

This thesis aims to develop knowledge to be able to contribute to the development of resilient cities and specifically to the transition to a sustainable car system. It does so by researching social feasibility of implementation of measures inducing reduced demand in car mobility. To gain insight in this social feasibility a case study has been conducted on the perception of road closures. Next to that the issue is placed in a theoretical perspective for further understanding of how to enhance social feasibility of transitions. This thesis fits one of the aims of the Master Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering program which is to, through research and learning activities, connect abstract theories and people’s everyday lives in order to be able to contribute to the development of, or the transition to, resilient cities (Wageningen UR and TU Delft, 2017).

References can be found inside the document.

Authors: Anne Kok 

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