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In these special times we can tune to each other, even when we are not physically in the same space. Rhythm helps to be together.

In times of uncertainty, when our daily routines are challenged again and again, we look for something to hold on to. Rhythm can give us this support. Rhythm is everywhere; in ourselves, between us and around. Because rhythm is essential to life, it is valuable to learn about it, especially for younger people, and for all of us in times of pandemic lockdowns. This is why scientists and artists have engaged with making stories on rhythm from their different perspectives. From these rhythm stories we have made podcasts in which the authors read their story to you.The rhythm stories were published in Values for Survival, Cahier 3, Tuning to Rhythm.

The research took place in the context of the parallel research program to the Dutch contribution to the 17th Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, which was commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. The research was designed in collaboration with Huda AbiFarès.

In this 'Rhythm'-collection you can find podcasts 9-12 and the book "We Are Rhythm'. You can also find the links to the collections 'We' and 'Are containing the previous and next podcasts as well as as the book. In addition, there's also a link to the collection containing all the documents from the project.

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