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The nature inclusive society

It's time to let go of the idea that humans are the center of everything.

Humans and everything else that lives are inextricably connected with one another. Humans are surrounded by nature and are nature themselves. The forest is nature, but so is the city. We share our city with countless people, animals, insects, trees, plants, fungi and microbes. In Amsterdam alone we live with trillions. But often, and especially in Western culture, humans are seen as the center of everything and the only ones who have a say in determining how we interact with our environment. However, last summer's many wildfires and floods, the pandemic that we are still feeling the effects of and the latest IPCC report prove that nature also has a voice and uses it to talk back. Whether nature warns us or is taking revenge, it is time to listen to her and give her voice a place in our society.

In this collection you will find organizations and initiatives of the City of Amsterdam and external parties that recognize that humans are dependent on and part of nature, that are committed to the rights of nature and that want to make nature's voice heard. Click on 'more information' for an explanation of the different parts in this collection.

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Source: De Stem van de Noordzee, 2020

In this collection you will find: 

  • The collection about the book BiodiverCITY which provides measures and elaborations that lead to a vital soil life. The online version of the book can be found in this collection along with other articles, videos and podcasts. Here you will also find more information on the Seoul Biennale for Architecture and Urbanism 2021, in which BiodiverCITY is part of. 
  • The Rights of Nature collection where we discuss the movement of giving rights to nature. Here you will find more information about the Embassy of the North Sea, who are actively listening to and giving rights to the North Sea. You will also find more information about the Zoöp organizational model, which makes the interest of non-human life part of the organizational decision-making.
  • The WeMakeThe.City Green collection in which you can learn more about building the green and healthy city of the future in the WeMakeThe.City Green program, which is a run-up to the Floriade Expo 2022. This collection also contains more information about the pavilion the Voice of Urban Nature, which is a joint entry from the municipalities of Almere and Amsterdam. 
  • The Urban Ecology and Biobased Solutions workspace, which is a collaboration of researchers, project managers and advisors from the Municipality of Amsterdam, various universities and colleges. They are engaged in applied research in the city, such as climate adaptation and nature-inclusive design. 
  • The Amsterdam Green Campus collection, which is a foundation of the University of Amsterdam that focuses on sustainable developments and the transition to a circular society.

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