Air quality - presented by Marie Monjauze


We began with a benchmark of each situation (e.g. Amsterdam, Stockholm). In our workshop, we wanted to identify the situation of each stakeholder. We are interested in data and expertise. The subject is about how to capture data and link data to questions. In addition, the question on how we should communicate our data emerged.

In regard to air quality, it’s hard to formulate recommendations on the scale of individual cities. We are not sure if individual cities are the right level for actions. That is why we want to organize a little workshop where we invite some experts on this issue. In this meeting we want to gather all the situations and examples we can collect. From there we want to formulate recommendations for the commission to know how we can ‘act’ on this level. We want to include the feedback of all participants with concrete situation specific examples (e.g. the construction of a tunnel, or even an open data platform). All these examples should be collected. We want it to be accessible for academics and to reflect on new types of calls that the EU could organize. Maybe it could be useful for the JRC and the research panels to have such calls to be more concrete and situation specific.

  • In December we will reflect on above process in an expert meeting
  • In February we will gather in Paris for a large workshop
  • In April we will formalize all the information we have got and publish our report