Circular economy - presented by Thomas Jacobs

Transcription of video:

We want to identify (by mapping or landscaping) who are the relevant stakeholders in the cities and bring them together. We see from the Horizon programme a long list of projects dealing with circular economy (serious database) which no one reads. I expect the commission to have a database containing everything done on this topic as a ‘pool of knowledge’. So, what then should be mapped is:

  • Stakeholders
    • Local
    • EU
    • International
  • Resources
    • Finance
    • Plans
    • Legal system (e.g. are we ready to force CE already?)
  • Policy
    • Legal system

Mapping is necessary and the question is how to get to the right information. Our idea: Let the commission get all the stakeholders together, and invite them to make a survey (1-10) about their topics within circular economy (is it plastic? Waste management?). If you want to be city-driven, ask the stakeholders to participate by making a proper survey which reveals relevant topics which in turn can be used for the next web programme of Horizon Europe.

City driven science for us means that direct impact is more important than ‘excellence’.


  • Cities should be asked what are their most urgent issues
  • Identify and invite stakeholders (use surveys)
  • Cooperate