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The Emergence of Trash in the K-buurt, Amsterdam Zuidoost

Case Study No 1 DRSR Research

The study that takes place in the K-buurt in Amsterdam Zuidoost brings in comparison two high-rise housing buildings in theK-buurt neighbourhood; Kleiburg and Kikkenstein. Although the planning of these two buildings is very similar, they present different trash performances. In one section of the Kleiburg flat, there is almost no trash, while in a section of the Kikkenstein flat this issue is uncontrollable. Our hypothesis in this study is that behind the different performances and experiences related with trash, there are also different rhythms, which influence the creation of trash and cleanliness.

In this collection, we document our research progress. Highlighted field notes, summaries of interviews carried out with the municipality, as well as in-between and final results can be found here.

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PS: As some of the research material is sensitive, we do not publish everything online. If you would like to have more information about the data that is used in the research, please contact the authors. The results of this case study will be published soon.

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