HANDSHAKE, a new project coordinated by ISINNOVA, looks at the cycling culture of Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Munich, three cities that have long embraced cycling, and which are now reaping the benefits of their choices. The policies and solutions pioneered by these cycling champions have nudged their citizens away from private cars and created healthy, environmentally friendly and economically thriving urban environments.

It is the very first time that these world-renowned bike capitals have agreed to join forces on an initiative of this nature and scale. The objective is to push cycling innovation forward and to mentor the project’s ten future cycling capitals – Bordeaux, Bruges, Cadiz, Dublin, Helsinki, Krakow, Manchester, Riga, Rome and Turin – to see how integrated cycling solutions can be successfully adopted in a variety of geographical and socio-economic contexts.

The project will employ innovative approaches to inspire the creation and refinement of holistic cycling visions and foster the consolidation of cycling solutions and investments. We will engage passionate cycling advocates as well as fierce opponents in a cultural and technical journey that will hopefully contribute to reshape the face of many of our future cycling capitals, leading to improved quality of life, better public health, less traffic congestion, a cleaner environment, and increased economic growth.


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