SWAT-studio Amsterdam Zuidoost

SWAT will land in Amsterdam (NL) & Preston (UK) and work in collaboration with Municipalities, Universities and stakeholders to begin a process of urban design intervention and innovation at various city scales.

We will explore new insights and directions for the sustainable city by implementing a design methodology that embraces theoretical knowledge, technological merit, environmental effectiveness and more significantly - societal impact. In combination with a site analysis/mapping that reveals both site narrative and energy potentials, this method will generate concepts at various urban scales that are site-specific, eco-effective, technologically advanced and capable of detailed elaboration.

• To produce technological responses of merit informed by URBAN CONTEXT.
• To demonstrate that sustainable lifestyles are possible within existing cities.

• To advance the reading of sustainable solutions and technological concepts, and to realize these within existing and future urban neighbourhoods.
• To increase group interaction and studio culture through the mutual understanding of design proposals.
• To improve ALL types of communication skills.

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