Council information letter - Our City of Tomorrow

A sustainable future for the City of Amsterdam

Hereby we present Our City of Tomorrow, in which we set out the municipal executive’s approach to combating the climate crisis. What awaits the city in the field of sustainability between now and 2026?

We are in the midst of a global climate crisis, the impact of which is substantial – also in Amsterdam. Science shows that global warming is now happening at a faster rate than has ever been measured before,
and we are already facing the risk of a 2-degree rise in temperature.

This also has serious and continuously accelerating consequences for Amsterdam. Climate change in Amsterdam means an increase in extreme rainfall, heat stress, drought and rising sea levels. Not
only do we need to protect the people of Amsterdam against these threats, but we must also do everything in our power to combat climate change. In many countries around the world, climate change
is already a matter of life or death. The next 20 years are crucial.

Much is already happening, but despite all our efforts, we are not on track. A radical change is needed in our thinking and way of working. Transitions do not follow a predetermined route. We have to take action now. We will have to learn as we go along, and we will inevitably make mistakes.

The municipal executive has the responsibility and the capacity to make every effort now to prevent even more far-reaching consequences and make the necessary adaptations to the effects that are already unavoidable. It is our duty to secure a sustainable and liveable city for current and future generations.

We will do this together – the mayor and all other members of the municipal executive. The climate crisis affects us all, and we must all take responsibility for combating it collectively. This is the only way we can achieve our goals.

Contact person: Eveline Jonkhof.


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