The Impact of AI on Jobs and Sexual Discrimination

Artificial intelligence has been applied more into occupations by companies and individuals. However, the effects within the benefits are both imaginable and unpredictable. Sexual discrimination in jobs is also a debatable topic. The purpose of this paper is to combine the topics of both AI and sexual discrimination and discuss their effects in the job field in the future. Automation, big data and the algorithm applied in the job field would be some of the points to discover.

To briefly summarize, automation is the use of machines and computers that reduces human intervention. Big data is a collection of data from various sources, it is related to AI because the more data input into AI the better it becomes. Since AI absorbs the information and learns from them. AI algorithm takes the data input and uses mathematics and logic to produce the output. Gender discrimination in AI not only reflects the pre-existing biases in the society, but it could also reinforce them through automation, hiring system and decision making. This paper is not totally against the use of AI but advocates that artificial intelligence should be used in a more careful, gender responsible way to reduce sexual discrimination in the job field.

Source: Huang, Z. 2021. The Impact of AI on Jobs and Sexual Discrimination. Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research, volume 554. 


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