Assessing environmental gentrification in Slotervaart

The central question of this bachelor’s thesis is ‘How is gentrification manifesting in Slotervaart and what’s its relationship to green policies in the area?’. This research question is based on the environmental gentrification theory. Environmental gentrification is defined as ‘processes started by the implementation of an environmental planning agenda related to green spaces that lead to the exclusion and displacement of politically disenfranchised residents’. Briefly, it states that improving urban green space leads to gentrification in a neighbourhood. This phenomenon has happened in cities worldwide. While Amsterdam is gentrifying it is also seen as a green city. In addition, the current board of directors of Amsterdam portray the city as a nature city. Now that the Amsterdam city council is pushing its green agenda forward, and the plans concerning sustainability and greenery have increased, it is relevant to research in what extent this green agenda can be related to the gentrifying city.

Bron: (Bachelor thesis)

auteur: Rosanna Kistemaker


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