Antibodies in the fight against COVID-19 (Amsterdam UMC)

Virologist Marit van Gils has found and isolated antibodies from the blood of COVID-19 recovered individuals. Antibodies are used regularly in the clinic to treat many different diseases, including viruses such as Ebola and RSV. The obtained novel COVID-19 antibodies can very efficiently prevent the infection of human cells. Because of this property, these antibodies have the potential to protect at-risk populations, such as elderly and health care workers. But they could also be used to treat infected people and prevent them from becoming more severely ill and recover quicker. As these antibodies can be made in large quantities at very high quality they will be a good alternative to the already used plasma from recovered individuals to treat hospitalized COVID-19 patients, which has shown good results so far. At the moment the antibodies are being tested in animal models and the plan is to start clinical testing in the first humans within the next year.

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