Entrepreneurship for lively communities: The case of Kleurenbuurt

This expert report is part of an eight-week project in the context of the Metropolitan Solutions course of the MSC Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering (MADE) from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Delft University of Technology (TUD). This project focuses on how entrepreneurship in the Kleurenbuurt, a neighbourhood in Zaandam, could be stimulated. In this report, the neighbourhood is analysed using the sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem theory. This analysis is conducted by means of qualitative research, semi-structured interviews, casual conversations and an interactive experiment.
From this analysis, policy recommendations are provided for the municipality of Zaanstad on how to improve entrepreneurship in the neighbourhood. The policy recommendations that stem from our analysis focus on creating more awareness around sustainability for both entrepreneurs and residents, as it is currently not something that is considered by them. Also, it is recommended that affordable spaces to conduct (business) activities are provided. Next to that, the municipality should focus on improving the ties with their entrepreneurs and better facilitate entrepreneurs with a culturally different background. Also, the entrepreneurial network of the Kleurenbuurt is advised to be improved as well as the creating more opportunities to develop skills.

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