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Future-Proof Assets Consortium Reinventing the City

New Innovation Approach to Tackle Major Infrastructure Challenges

The Netherlands is one of the most urbanized areas in the world. Challenges of climate change all come together on our 60,000 km2. Governments are faced with an enormous task here. The maintenance of civil infrastructure within the urban environment, in particular bridges, quay walls and pavements, is overdue and suffers from a scarcity of resources for replacement, reinforcement and maintenance.

The old ways of maintaining, strengthening and renewing civil infrastructure simply no longer suffice: renovation and replacement are not happening fast enough and the costs are too high, while opportunities for future-proofing the city are missed.

Cities worldwide are faced with the same challenges: from Amsterdam to New York and from Rotterdam to Tokyo, solutions are being sought to make the infrastructure of cities future-proof.

In this session, several front runners from industry, science and government will present a New Innovation Approach to Tackle Major Infrastructure Challenges. The case at hand is the Future Poof Asset Consoritum and its six projects. And we will discuss this with Jacqueline Cramer, Lindy Molenkamp, Huub Keizer, Sacha Stolp and Kenneth Heijns.

The session took place in Dutch.

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