Data-driven tools for urban transformations towards climate-resilience and sustainability

Presentation by Markus Rosenfelder, Sorin Cheval and Richard Hewitt

Increased droughts, heat-waves and floods under climate change intersect in cities with further concerns linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. In the light of these challenges, multiple data- and model-driven approaches to provide solutions and opportunities for transformation in cities will be discussed and presented, with numerous regional examples. Starting with a model for droughts, The "Urban Drought Nexus Tool" facilitates the sustainable development of cities under increasing droughts. The tool integrates multiple types of information and still can be applied to other case studies with minimal adjustments on the parameters of land use, water consumption and energy use in the water sector. The tool needs hydrological projections under climate scenarios to evaluate climatic futures, and requires the co-creation of socio-economic future scenarios with local stakeholders. Thus, it is possible to provide specific information about droughts taking into account future water availability and future water consumption.

Type of session: the session is a hybrid comprising short-lecture contributions by 4 different teams as outlined in the session abstract, with a final panel discussion about the needs for further tools with input from the audience.

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