BuurtHubs: shared mobility in the neighbourhood

Presentation by Smart Mobility City of Amsterdam

The eHUBs project is one of the main projects within the Smart Mobility Programme of the municipality of Amsterdam. EHUBS are on-street locations that bring together e-bikes, e-cargo bikes, e-scooters and/or e-cars, offering users a wide range of options to experiment and use in various situations. The idea is to give an high-quality and diverse offer of shared electric mobility services to dissuade citizens from owning private cars, resulting in cleaner, more liveable and pleasant cities. The main goal is to build 15-20 eHUBs in targeted areas in Amsterdam, in cooperation with commercial transport providers. So far 10 hubs' have been in different city disctricts. Now that the first insights are known it's time to focus on the bigger picture: how can hubs be scaled up throughout the whole city so that every citizen can use shared mobility within walking distance?

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