Reinventing cities into sustainable inclusive places

Panel discussion by Eveline Buter, Jan Duffues and Sigrid Wertheim

What will be the image of Reinvented City? Will it be filled with new technology and sensors? Will it be carbon neutral? Will people behave differently in how they move, consume, separate waste and interact with each other? Will businesses and citizens collaborate for circularity? And what about the presumption of energy, food, and waste?During the first panel session, featuring Jan Duffhues (City of Amsterdam), Eveline Butter (Witteveen & Bos) and Sigrid Wertheim (Wageningen University & Research), we will focus on what is needed to reinvent our cities into (more) sustainable and inclusive places. What will be the role of technology and data, of behavior and practices and of the triple helix?



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