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Reinventing the City

Scientific Conference

The highlights of the Scientific Conference Reinventing the City, organised by AMS Institute from 16-18 February, can be viewed here.

In this collection of videos, articles and papers it is discussed how cities can transform their systems to become more livable, resilient and sustainable, while offering economic stability. These resources are offered by collaborators like scientists, policymakers, students and industry partners. Working on urban challenges requires cooperation on a multi-stakeholder level. Therefore, the goal of the collection form this conference is to share and discuss multi-disciplinary insights and inspire each other to take actionable steps towards sustainable urban transformations.

In this collection you will find reports of the various meetings on themes such as urban energy, circular economy, food systems, digitization, mobility and urban climate adaptation. Each day of the conference started with a keynote speaker and panel discussion.

This collection is divided according to the three themes of the scientific conference:
Future City: What does the city look like in the future?
Integral City: How can we do this?
Reinvented City: How do we get there?

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For the full program per day visit the website and find out more about the 50+ workshops, special sessions and paper presentations. To get an overview of the program, download 'the program at a glance' here.

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