MSc MADE Thesis AMS Institute - Cycling Distance and the Built Environment: An investigation to what extend cycling distance is influenced by the built environment of Amsterdam and surroundings

MADE Student Project

This thesis investigates the built environment in relation to cycling distance. Literature indicates the built environment as being important for destination choice, mode choice and route choice. Moreover, literature also indicates a relationship between cycling distance and these decision choices.
This research has been conducted with bicycle trip data within the municipalities of Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Diemen and Ouder-Amstel. Those municipalities offer a fitting case study, since the ‘Greater Amsterdam’ has a varied built environment and has a need to reduce car traffic significantly. In this thesis, the relation of the elements with cycling distance are statistically tested with a multiple linear regression analysis. In order to do so, elements have to been quantified and combined with the bicycle trips. Explanatory models are developed to explain cycling distance, Euclidean distance, and detour distance with the elements of the built environment

References can be found inside the document.

Author: Simon de Haas 

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