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Living Lab

Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions

In the final year of the MSc MADE programme, students will engage in a living lab project in collaboration with a partner from AMS network. Over the course of six months (October - March), students will work in-house at an organisation for part of the week to co-creatively develop a metropolitan solution. As an end result, they deliver an innovative product or process that can help this organisation a step closer to urban sustainability in Amsterdam. Operating in the real-life setting is a key ingredient of the living lab approach. During the first year of the MSc MADE programme, many courses make use of Amsterdam as living laboratory for students to speak with local stakeholders and to collect urban data. In the course Metropolitan Solutions, MSc MADE students have gained experience on designing in interdisciplinary and multi-cultural group settings, while at the same time dealing with a client. In this living lab course, students will further familiarize themselves with co-creative processes by finding a workspace at the heart of the challenge they are addressing in the project and work in an environment that characterises an urban living lab.

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